Welcome to the Mecox Sailing Association Sailing Blog

Thanks for visiting our blog!  Its purpose:   To generate your support for the Mecox Sailing Association, a fledgling charitable organization dedicated to reviving the century-old tradition of teaching sailing to children on Mecox Bay in the Town of Southampton on the Eastern end of Long Island, New York.  The Association is trying to restore the low-key, modest tradition of organized teaching of sailing on Mecox Bay, as well as organized local sailing races, to enable Town residents and their children to sail -- especially those who are not fortunate enough to live on or near the water, own a boat, a trailer, or afford expensive mooring fees or private Yacht Club dues.

However, as outlined in the Wall Street Journal ("Storm Over Sailing Club" - September 26, 2011 edition) a group of wealthy home owners has sued the Town of Southampton and our fledgling charitable organization in an attempt to stop our low key and modest sailing school for kids. 

We need your help and support to win that lawsuit and enable another generation of local children to learn a healthy, fun, environmentally friendly outdoor sport -- an experience they'll cherish for years.